Tuesday 19th Oct 2021
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Owners' Unions to Maintain Hiyaa Flats: HDC

Managing Director of Housing Development Corporation (HDC) Suhail Ahmed has stated that after the Hiyaa flats are assigned to their owners, the owners’ unions will be put in charge of maintenance.
During a press conference today at Huravee School, Suhail stated that HDC plans to manage towers by considering every two towers as a management body.
According to MD Suhail, a representative for each body will be elected to work with HDC on matters such as bookkeeping. He claimed that flat owners will be reimbursed with the funds remaining after what is required by management.
He added that HDC does not intend to maintain the flats forever and that it encourages a union comprising residents or an alternative arrangement to take care of maintenance
Suhail noted that HDC is playing a lead role in the development of Hiyaa flats as the flats are currently in the process of being assigned. He reiterated that HDC hopes to transfer the responsibilities to the flat owners as soon as possible.