Thursday 9th Dec 2021
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President Solih

Intelligence Audit Revealed Flaws in Sharing Intelligence: Pres. Solih

The intelligence audit report has revealed flaws in sharing intelligence, said President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih.
President Solih stated as such in response to a journalist's query regarding the implementation of the parliamentary committee's recommendations following the attack on former President Nasheed.
The president acknowledged the Parliamentary Committee on National Security's report was thorough and stated that the government is working to implement its recommendations. He revealed that the National Security Council has discussed the report and forwarded it to the Office of the National Security Advisor.
The National Security Advisor will examine the report and plan the implementation of the report's recommendations.
President Solih noted points in the parliamentary report and the intelligence audit report. He stated that there were flaws in sharing intelligence between departments within defense authorities, and numerous other administrations.
He claimed that efforts are underway to allow authorities to receive intelligence information at the same time, at the same location.