Friday 1st Mar 2024
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Ali Waheedh

Supreme Court Sentence Ali Waheed to Two Months in Prison

The Supreme Court has sentenced former Tourism Minister Ali Waheed to two months and 12 days in prison for contempt of court.
The Supreme Court summoned Ali Waheed at 1 pm today for a hearing on a matter presented by the Prosecutor General. However, Ali Waheed failed to show.
The matter presented by the PG is an appeal against the decision to allow Ali Waheed to attend his sexual misconduct hearing online from the United Kingdom.
The former minister failed to present himself to the court despite the summons chit being sent via email.
The Supreme Court has ordered the state to implement its ruling on Ali Waheed. Speaking at today’s hearing, Supreme Court Judge Husnu Suood stated that the court must not kneel in front of Ali Waheed as the court must be impartial. He claimed that Ali Waheed must be penalized to ensure that the justice system is fair and trustworthy.
Ali Waheed fled to the UK shortly after the Criminal Court terminated its order to hold his passport. It is noteworthy that President Solih has stated that Ali Waheed must be helped.