Tuesday 21st May 2024
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President Ibrahim's Government Neglected in Pursuing Extradition of Ali Waheed Amid Sexual Abuse Charges

Former Maldives Tourism Minister Ali Waheed, who faced accusations of sexual assault and rape during his tenure, returned to the Maldives after spending time in the United Kingdom during his trial. Despite the gravity of the charges against him, the previous government reportedly made no significant efforts to bring him back to the Maldives to face justice.
Questions regarding the government's actions in pursuing Ali Waheed's extradition surfaced after inquiries were made under the Right to Information Act by a Journalist from "Dhiyares" News. The Maldives Foreign Ministry disclosed that there had been no communication with British authorities regarding Ali Waheed's extradition.
During the last few days of President Ibrahim's government, The prosecutor's office unexpectedly withdrew the charges against him on the orders of President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih. This move came after Ali Waheed held a press conference in the UK, during which he made sensational allegations against President Ibrahim and claimed to possess audio and video evidence that could compromise the president's Ibrahim's political career.
Ali Waheed's tenure as tourism minister came to an abrupt end when allegations of sexual harassment emerged, prompting President Ibrahim to dismiss him from his position. The victims shared harrowing details of their experiences with the president, who expressed deep empathy and was visibly moved by their accounts.
Ali Waheed, who contested the Kulhudhufushi South constituency in the last parliamentary elections, suffered defeat while President Solih had made huge efforts to support Waheed's candidacy.
During the parliamentary election campaign, President Ibrahim faced scrutiny from journalists regarding his handling of Waheed's case and the subsequent withdrawal of charges. While acknowledging that the case had been investigated, President Ibrahim hinted at the need for further investigation, leaving many unanswered questions lingering in the public sphere.