Thursday 30th Nov 2023
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MP Ibrahim Shareef

Some MDP Members Attempting to Humiliate Pres. Solih: Shareef

Parliament representative for Maradhoo constituency Ibrahim Shareef has stated that some members of Maldives Democratic Party (MDP) are attempting to humiliate President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih.
MP Shareef made his statement following Vilufushi MP Hassan Afeef’s claim that it was no longer distinguishable whether President Solih is a member of the Adhaalath Party or not.
Shareef claimed he is saddened by leaders of his party attempting to humiliate President Solih.
He added that such attempts will have an undesired effect on the nation, stressing that political leaders must push personal agendas aside and work together to overcome the greatest disaster in Maldivian history (COVID-19 pandemic).
According to Shareef, humiliating their own and opposition members with baseless accusations has become a common play used by political figures as of late. However, he claimed he was startled when a member of President Solih’s party recklessly accused him of being a member of the Adhaalath Party.
MP Afeef speculated President Solih has become an Adhaalath Party member as those closest to him are Adhaalath Party members.
Highlighting that the Adhaalath Party-affiliated Home Minister Imran Abdullah claimed it was “not a big deal” when former President Mohamed Nasheed suffered grievous injuries in the May 6 attack, Afeef stated that those closest to President Solih are now members of Adhaalath Party, and speculated that the President may have become a member of the party.
Afeef also claimed that the government was not overly concerned about the assassination attempt on Parliament Speaker Nasheed. As per Afeef, it is the President’s responsibility to take action against ministers who minimized the issue.