Friday 1st Mar 2024
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Expenditure on Development Projects MVR 1 Billion Less than Last Year

The government this year has spent MVR 1 billion less on development projects compared to 2020.
Weekly figures published by the Ministry of Finance show that the government has spent a total of MVR 2.6 billion on development projects under the Public Sector Investment Program (PSIP) by July 29, 2020.
This year, MVR 1.5 billion has been spent on PSIP by July 29. This is a decrease of MVR 1008.9 million (1 billion) compared to the same duration in 2020.
Sectors for national security and home affairs spent MVR 60.2 million in the same period last year, but MVR 22 billion this year.
While MVR 17.2 million was spent on the health sector last year, it has increased to MVR 138.2 this year. MVR 62.8 million has been expended on the education sector, an increase from the previous year. Although MVR 60.9 million was spent on establishing sewerage systems last year, it has dropped to MVR 47.4 million this year.
MVR 80.6 million was spent on housing projects in 2020. This year, the government has spent MVR 77.1 million.
The state has expended MVR 15.2 million so far this year. MVR 9.9 million has been received as income. The additional expense of MVR 5.2 billion was from various loans.