Friday 1st Mar 2024
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Government to Dismiss Staff for Delays in Govt Projects

Minister of Finance, Ibrahim Ameer, said that delays in government projects would result in the dismissal of those currently in charge of those projects and that new people would be brought on-board to take charge.
He mentioned this while speaking at the closing ceremony of the Portfolio Performance Review, held by the World Bank. Minister Ameer said that projects should be on schedule, and that staff on the Project Management Unit would be dismissed and new staff would be hired.
"If this change isn't brought about, project managers would not appreciate the importance of their tasks", said Minister Ameer.

In addition, Minister Ameer said that failure to take measures against staff for delays would only induce complacency.
President Solih's administration has failed to complete any large-scale project since they came to power in 2018. The current administration has also failed to complete the projects initiated by the previous administration on time.