Thursday 20th Jun 2024
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Suzan Ibrahim Fulhu

Susan Ibrahim Fulhu Appointed as STO Consultant

Susan Ibrahim Fulhu has been appointed as a consultant State Trading Organization (STO). Susan has previously harassed and accused star footballer Ali Ashfaq (Dhagandey) and Captain of the Maldives National Football Team Akram Abdul Ghanee (Aku) of terrorism.
Although Dhiyares has been informed of Susan’s new appointment, details of her salary and benefits remain unknown. Susan has been a lead activist in Maldives Democratic Party (MDP) since the party’s early days. She has been defending MDP and retaliating against those critical of the party on social media.
Susan is infamous for her tweet insinuating that two football players Ali Ashfaq and Akram Abdul Ghanee are preparing to go to war in Syria due to their beards. She mocked the two players, claiming they may bomb the stadium if they lose the game.
Many criticized Susan for her tweet in relation to the two footballers. Her Twitter account was also temporarily deactivated.
While Susan has been appointed as consultant for STO, seasoned executives have been resigning from the company. Those who have left include six department heads and 15 managers. A source has attributed the resignations to issues with Managing Director Hussain Amr.
Some of the ex-executives have informed Dhiyares that STO has been making losses in all businesses except oil and essentials such as rice and flour, and that several initiatives from Amr have failed to generate profit for the company.