Sunday 21st Jul 2024
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Criminal Court Provides 10-Day Duration for Dr. Muizzu to Find a Lawyer

The Criminal Court has allocated a ten-day duration to assign a lawyer to Male’ City Mayor Dr. Mohamed Muizzu during a preliminary hearing regarding his perjury charges for providing false testimony.
When asked by the judge whether he has received all the necessary documents, Dr. Muizzu replied that he has received some documents from the court. However, he cannot confirm whether he has received all the necessary documents as he does not have a lawyer to examine them.
The Criminal Court Judge mentioned that the documents were accompanied by a list of the documents, and inquired whether Muizzu has received the listed documents. He claimed that he is unable to respond without a lawyer present.
The judge asked whether the state’s lawyer has any objection to reschedule today’s hearing after Muizzu acquires legal defense. State lawyer Ahmed Naushad stated he had no objection.
The judge decided to provide Dr. Muizzu a period of ten days to obtain a lawyer and to proceed with the preliminary stage by scheduling court proceedings during the next hearing.