Tuesday 18th Jun 2024
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Male' City council

City Council Proposes NSPA to Provide Subsidy to Hiyaa Flat Owners

Male’ City Council has propositioned National Social Protection Agency (NSPA) to subsidize finishings for the owners of the Hiyaa Flats constructed in Hulhulame’, Phase 2.
The council claimed it has made all possible efforts to ease the financial burden on those who received Hiyaa flats. Deputy Mayor of the Male’ City Council Ahmed Nareesh informed online news Avas today that in order to further ease financial difficulties, the council has proposed NSPA to provide subsidies.
“NSPA’s laws dictate that housing must be subsidized. The flats’ finishings will require a great amount of expenditure. It will take MVR 100,000 just for me. Citizens will not have that much money. That is why we are working to provide further relief”, said Nareesh.
However, he mentioned that NSPA has yet to respond. President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih’s government has allocated a period of three months to complete the Hiyaa flats’ finishings. The city council has repeatedly called for the government to increase the duration to nine months.
Flat owners are to bear the cost of tiling, doors, and fixtures such as fans and lighting. It will be difficult to complete the finishings within three months.