Tuesday 19th Oct 2021
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Kulhudhuffushi's Biggest Issue is Housing: Mayor Athif

Kulhudhuffushi City Mayor Mohamed Athif has said that the biggest issue faced in Kulhudhuffushi, Haa Dhaal Atoll is the lack of housing.
During a meeting with President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih, the city council, speaking on acquiring land for airport development, claimed that the housing issue is severe and that there are currently 1200 families that need housing.
In an interview with online media Avas, the council stated that President Solih had given hopeful answers regarding the housing issue in Kulhudhuffushi during a previous online meeting and the meeting with the council during his visit to Kulhudhuffushi.
According to Mayor Athif, the President assured that 224 flats have been allocated for Kulhudhuffushi under the MVR 1.5 billion budget for housing projects in the Maldives.
“As we have repeatedly spoken on the housing issue in Kulhudhuffushi, the President has assured that he will attempt to arrange the construction of 1000 flats in Kulhudhuffushi. We have been informing the President that housing is the biggest issue in Kulhudhiffushi”, said Mayor Athif.