Tuesday 19th Oct 2021
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Kulhudhuffushi regional hospital

Content Promoting MDP Shared from Govt Hospital's Facebook Page

Citizens of Kulhudhuhfushi have expressed concern regarding Facebook posts of "Rahvehi Fathis" on Kulhudhuhfushi Regional Hospital's page.
There has been a lot of criticism and concern surrounding Facebook posts of Kulhudhuhfushi City Mayoral Candidate Athif along with pictures of campaign activities around the island with part of a campaign song as well.
In response to the citizens criticism, soon following the aforementioned posts were removed from the hospital's Facebook page.
A source revealed to Dhiyares News that the head of the hospital Ahmed Dawood has close relations to MDP and was part of MP Yasir's campaign and is a very active member of the current Local Council Elections.
The source further stated that there has been criticism and speculation regarding the hiring procedures of Kulhudhuhfushi Regional Hospital and according to the source, Kulhudhuhfushi Regional Hospital has become a political tool along with questionable procedures and standards of the place coupled with what the source referred to as an "MDP hang out".