Saturday 20th Jul 2024
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Ali Waheedh

Petition Calling for Ali Waheed's Return to Maldives

A petition is being signed for the return of former Minister of Tourism Ali Waheed, facing several charges of sexual misconduct. The petition is to be presented to the Parliament of the United Kingdom.
The petition states that this is not the only instance of Ali Waheed being accused of sexual misconduct, and mentioned an audio clip depicting Ali Waheed sexually harassing Transport Minister Aishath Nahula.
Additionally, the state appealed a lower court's decision to allow Ali Waheed to attend his hearing virtually, and the former minister has been summoned to Supreme Court. Ali Waheed flew to the UK for medical treatment.
Ali Waheed went abroad after Criminal Court granted him his passport, and permitted him to leave the country. He was given a duration of four months for medical treatment but has failed to return once the period expired. He claimed his medical treatment was still ongoing and requested a virtual hearing.
Ali Waheed, who served as the first Tourism Minister for the current government and had a close relationship with President Solih, is facing seven charges. One count of sexual violence, one count of attempted rape, one count of exposure of sexual organs of oneself, one count of sexual abuse, one count of attempted sexual abuse, and two counts of requesting inappropriate sexual relationships.