Thursday 25th Jul 2024
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Bar Council of Maldives

Bar Council Requests Legal Professionals to Abstain from Contempt of Court

The Bar Council of Maldives has implored lawyers to remain professional when engaging with courts.
A statement released by the council read that legal professionals must respect the dignity and status of the courts, and maintain professional standards when engaging with the courts, and while expressing their views on social media.
The council also declared that the bar council has the authority to investigate reports of disciplinary issues against lawyers, and cases where suspicion of disciplinary issues arises.
The statement advised professionals to pay close attention and avoid such matters.
The Bar Council claimed that legal professionals spreading rumors regarding judges on social media is damaging to the court's esteem, and can cause the public to lose trust in the courts.
Legal professionals were urged to abstain from such comments on social media, uphold disciplinary regulations, and respect the judges and courts.
The council further instructed legal professionals to obey disciplinary regulations to uphold the integrity of the courts, as the council has received complaints of lawyers influencing judges, questioning legal professionals' integrity.