Tuesday 5th Jul 2022
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Adam Azim

Azim Claims Current Govt Has Conducted More Development Projects in Past 2 Years than Previous Govts

Managing Director of Maldives Transport and Contracting Company (MTCC) Adam Azim has declared that the current government, in the past two years, have conducted more development projects than any other administration.
Azim stated he visited a great number of islands with President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih. He said the President accepted a major responsibility by assuring the locals he would ensure that all their needs were met. During a program on Raajje TV, Azim observed that the President has been working to fulfill their needs, as promised.
"Not to speak poorly of any previous presidents, but the record now shows that within two years, President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih has conducted the most development projects. What other presidents couldn't accomplish in five years, he has completed in two and a half years", said Azim.
Azim stated that MTCC plays a major role in fulfilling the government's pledges, and ensured that the company would work night and day to ensure that everything is done to the best standard. He highlighted that the current administration has two years remaining.