Thursday 30th Nov 2023
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President Solih

President Not Involved in Forming a New Political Party: Govt

Spokesperson for the President's Office Mabrook Azeez informed Avas News that President Solih was among the founders of the ruling Maldives Democratic Party (MDP), and therefore would not be aiding in forming a new political party.
Mabrook made his statement regarding members of the opposition coalition claiming that the new party spearheaded by former Minister of Defense Colonel (Rtd) Nazim is a "backup" party supported by President Solih.
Recently, former President and incumbent Speaker of Parliament Mohamed Nasheed has stated he is no longer able to work alongside President Solih on political matters. Although Nasheed is the leader of MDP, the party's regulations dictated that the President holds the highest rank.
The government has also previously stated that President Solih has no care for President Nasheed's statements.