Thursday 9th Dec 2021
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MP Eva Abdullah

Eva Commends Parliament Inquiry Regarding May 6 Attack

Deputy Speaker of Parliament Eva Abdullah has commended the 241 Committee's parliament inquiry regarding the security breach that enabled the May 6 attack on former President and incumbent Speaker of Parliament Mohamed Nasheed.
Members of all political parties worked on the inquiry with a joint motive and praised the work of Chairperson Mohamed Aslam during a committee meeting held to pass the report on the inquiry. Eva stated that Chairperson Aslam was extremely patient when dealing with the initial difficulties faced during the inquiry as parliament members were quite new to the proceedings.
"The chairperson provided everyone equal opportunities to speak during the proceedings. He attempted to solve all political, administrative, and various other types of issues. To help all members complete their work".
Highlighting that she had never witnessed all members push political conflicts aside and work unwaveringly towards the same goal in her 11 years on the 241 Committee, Eva declared, "This is my 11th year in parliament and the 241 Committee. I have never worked on such an issue in this way. I have never experienced working with political parties this united, to achieve one goal. I believe we were able to do so because of the chairperson's capability".
At the meeting, Chairperson Mohamed Aslam stated that to introduction and conclusion of the report will be revised to further improve the report, and the content of the meetings will be added. He claimed that the inquiry was completed due to the capabilities, talents, and cooperation of all the members.
"I want to mention that a former Defense Minister [Adam Shareef Umar] and a former Police Commissioner [Abdullah Riyaz] are part of the committee. All the members have education and experience in a wide variety of fields", said Aslam, noting that all members worked dutifully.