Sunday 21st Apr 2024
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Re-Electing President Yameen is a National Duty: Dr. Muizzu

Mayor of Male' City Dr. Muizzu declared that bringing former President Yameen Abdul Gayoom back into power to save Maldives from the state it has fallen into is a duty of the nation.
During a program on Channel13, Dr. Muizzu stated that in every industry, Maldives has fallen into a dark pit.
He further stated that journalists no longer have the freedom of expression, and foreign powers dictate the matter. He claimed that since the current administration came into power, it has posed challenges to Islam, and Maldives has lost its sovereignty. The Mayor also observed that the Maldivian economy has plummeted.
Dr. Muizzu, the former Minister of Housing and Urban Development, claimed that if former President Yameen had the ability to speak his mind, the current government would not be able to act as they pleased, and Maldives would not have fallen into the state it is currently in.
"The country is in this state because President Yameen was pushed to the side, unable to speak his mind. Bringing President Yameen back into power is a duty of the nation".
According to Dr. Muizzu, if the former president was free, he would be attempting to fix the current situation and would speak proudly of the independence of Maldives, however small the country may be.
Dr. Muizzu also claimed that the government is incapable of maintaining the economy, and is destroying it further.