Saturday 20th Jul 2024
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Male' City Council to Form Company to Solve Housing Issue

Mayor of Male' City Dr. Mohamed Muizzu declared that Male' City Council has decided to create a separate company to solve housing issues in Male'.
In an interview with Adhadhu News, Dr. Muizzu stated that the council has planned several projects to provide a solution for the housing issue.
One of the most important steps planned by the council is to establish a special company for housing.
While local councils are permitted to conduct development projects by obtaining their own funds, councils are also legally allowed to form companies to do so on their behalf.
However, Dr. Muizzu stressed the need for the government's support to create and establish the company.
The mayor claimed that the council intended to procure funds instead of relying on the state budget and needed approval from a political standpoint.
He revealed that the council would soon seek a financial consultant to help form the company. The company will run on its own funds and with aid from other parties.