Monday 22nd Jul 2024
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MP Eva Abdullah

Eva Requests Revision of Decision to Seek Opinion on FGM

Deputy Speaker of Parliament Eva Abdulla requested the Parliamentary Committee on Human Rights and Gender to revise their decision to seek the opinions of organizations conducting female circumcision, following a case regarding Dr. Mohamed Iyaz Abdul Latheef advocating for female circumcision submitted by parliament representative for Galolhu-South constituency Mickail Naseem.
Upon submission of the case, the matter was transferred to the Human Rights and Gender Committee. Committee member Rozaina Adam on Tuesday proposed seeking the opinion of the Ministry of Islamic Affairs and other administrations. The committee conceded Rozaina's suggestion.
The committee's decision to consult the Islamic Ministry, Fatwa Majilis, and Fiqh Academy was heavily criticized.
Speaking in Parliament today, Deputy Speaker Eva declared that she has advised the committee to reconsider their decision, as she deems finding the reasoning behind female genital mutilation (FGM) unnecessary. She claimed that the parliament should be focused on putting an end to FGM, and find what else needs to be done.
The Deputy Speaker further stated that she does not have the power to stop a committee's decisions, but has requested for the ruling to be reconsidered. Attorney General of the Maldives has also called for abolishing FGM in the United Nation's Universal Periodic Review.
"I don't believe we should be trying to understand the reasoning behind female genital mutilation, I have asked the committee to review their decision", said Eva.