Thursday 30th Nov 2023
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MP Ibrahim Shareef

MDP Officials Displeased Due to Not Receiving Government Roles: Shareef

Maldives Democratic Party (MDP) member and parliament representative for Maradhoo constituency Ibrahim Shareef retaliated against MDP Chairperson MP Hassan Latheef’s declaration that the party's philosophy and regulations are no longer being implemented by those in positions of power, further demonstrating the conflict within the political party.
Occurrences at the party’s 16th anniversary made the disbandment of MDP even more apparent, as the MDP National Majilis echoed with complaints of the distance between the party and former President Nasheed’s left-hand man President Solih’s administration.
MP Ibrahim Shareef countered the statement, claiming Chairman Hassan Latheef was unsatisfied with the administration as he did not receive a position in the government, and as state expenses have already increased, it would not be possible to assign all high-ranking MDP members a role in the government.
“I don’t see any alienation from the government. I will be criticized for saying this, but people in high ranks are upset they were not awarded positions in government. That’s what they are unhappy with”, said Shareef.
There is no greater philosophy than the well-being of the public and securing their rights even in MDP, but some have pushed it aside and turned to obtain power in any means necessary into the new philosophy, claimed the long-standing member of MDP Ibrahim Shareef.
He also accused the parliament, with a clear MDP majority, of provoking and pressuring the government.
“Parliament has become a place for enforcing laws. A place for investigations. Parliament exists to hold the state accountable. That does not mean the state should operate according to a specific member’s liking”.
MP Shareef stated that using the Judicial Service Commission (JSC) as a weapon, terminating opposing judges, and former President Mohamed Nasheed’s call for mass arrest to prevent terrorism, were dangerous gateways to vigilante justice.
Encouraging prosecution in the streets was the start of a risky predicament, and Shareef likened the current state of the nation to an elective dictatorship, in which the present government runs the nation as they please.
“The coalition was formed because we couldn’t come into power alone. Booting the other parties once we come into power is unfair. It is a deception of the public”, MP Shareef stated.