Sunday 21st Apr 2024
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Elections Commission

Habeeb's Sexual Harassment Allegations to be Investigated by the Parliament

The Anti-Harassment Committee of the Elections Commission (EC) referred sexual harassment allegations against Vice President of the Elections Commission Ismail Habeeb Abdul Raheem to parliament after further investigation.
Initially, the issue was presented to parliament and examined by the Parliamentary Committee on Independent Institutions. The committee declared that the Anti-Harassment Committee must first investigate the allegations.
The parliamentary committee required the EC committee to then present their findings.
Chair of the Independent Institutions Committee and MP for Addu Meedhoo constituency Rozaina Adam informed online media Avas that EC's committee has investigated the matter and exhibited their findings to the Independent Institutions Committee.
MP Rozaina stated that action on the issue will be pursued once it is added to the agenda.
Previously, Habeeb was alleged to have misused state funds and property, and reported to Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC).
Habeeb's accusations of sexual harassment followed months after the previous Vice President of the Elections Commission Ahmed Akram faced similar accusations.