Sunday 14th Jul 2024
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Ali Waheedh

PG Requests to Seize Ali Waheed's Passport

The Prosecutor General’s Office called for the suspension of former Minister of Tourism Ali Waheed’s passport.
Public Prosecutor at the PGO revealed that the police applied for a warrant to seize Ali Waheed’s passport at the Office’s request. Previously, the repeal of the court order in February allowed the former minister to travel to the UK.
The matter was disputed at the High Court, where the court provided the government a period of time to obtain Ali Waheed’s current address. However, the state failed to establish his place of residence and the case was dropped. At the time, immigration stated that Ali Waheed flew to Turkey. However, the former minister on Monday attended his virtual hearing from the UK.
The Prosecutor General’s Office claimed it was difficult to determine the exact location Ali Waheed addressed the hearing from. The Office also expressed its intention to dispute the Criminal Court’s decision to conduct the former minister’s court proceedings online, while in a country Maldives did not have jurisdiction.
The Judicial Service Commission (JSC), while investigating the issue of allowing Ali Waheed to possess his passport, stated that Judge Hassan Saeed acted against laws that preventing those being charged with crimes at the Criminal Court from leaving the country.