Wednesday 24th Jul 2024
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Sputnik Vaccine

No Updates on Sputnik Vaccines, No Agreement Signed: Dr. Nazla

The spokesperson for the Heath Emergency Operations Center Dr. Nazla Rafeeq revealed there were no status updates on the arrival of Russia’s Sputnik vaccine to the Maldives.
At a press conference on Monday, Dhiyares inquired of any updates on the vaccine, as the Minister of Health Ahmed Naseem previously stated that the Sputnik vaccine will arrive in the Maldives within four weeks.
“There are no further details on the Sputnik vaccine”, said Dr. Nazla.
Health Minister Naseem, on June 1, revealed that the Russian government had guaranteed the Maldives would receive the vaccine in four weeks. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs revealed that in a phone call between Foreign Minister Shahid and the Foreign Minister of Russia, the Russian minister assured that prompt arrangements will be made to dispatch the vaccines.
The decision to purchase 200,000 doses of the Russian vaccine was made after significant delays in acquiring the previously agreed upon vaccines from the Serum Institute of India and AstraZeneca Singapore.
Maldives received 100,000 doses of the agreed-upon 200,000 doses from the Serum Institute of India. Singapore’s AstraZeneca has not sent any vaccines as of yet.