Monday 17th Jun 2024
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Ali Waheedh

Ali Waheed to Attend Online Hearing from UK

Former Minister of Tourism Ali Waheed today will be attending the hearing for his sexual misconduct case virtually, from the High Commission of the Maldives in London, UK.
Ali Waheed was accused of sexual harassment by several employees during his term as Minister of Tourism. The Criminal Court approved his request to proceed with the hearing online. The hearing is set to commence at 3 pm.
In a letter addressed to the court, the former minister shared his contact details and his current place of residence, claiming he was unable to return to the Maldives due to ongoing medical treatment.
Prosecutor General Hussain Shameem, at a press conference, stated that the online hearing was a joke, and as Maldives does not have jurisdiction in the UK, the court will face complications.
Ali Waheed was granted his passport after assigning Minister of State for Youth, Sports, and Community Empowerment Ashadh Ali (Adubarey) as guarantor for assuring his return. The public criticized the government as the former minister, facing serious sexual misconduct charges, failed to return to the Maldives within the four-month duration he was allowed.