Thursday 25th Jul 2024
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Ministry of Finance

Examination to Assign Roles in Managing Finances

The Ministry of Finance has mandated those in charge of finances to undergo an examination before being employed.
In a statement released on Friday, the ministry stated that they aim to ensure all civil servants overseeing finances are familiar with all relevant laws, guidelines, and processes.
All employees in such positions across all branches of government are now required to pass the exam and obtain a government service training certificate.
The ministry is making arrangements for the evaluation of all current employees as well.
Government officials are expected to complete the test and receive the proper certification before August 22.
All staff appointed in accordance with the public finance regulations are instructed to complete the exam and acquire the government service training certificate before October 1, said the ministry.
As the role of those responsible for finances is mainly in administration, the ministry decided that those nominated for political positions by President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih will no longer be authorized to manage finances.