Thursday 20th Jun 2024
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Ahmed Saeed (Fenaka)

Many Desire My Position at Fenaka: Saeed

Managing Director of Fenaka Corporation Ahmed Saeed claims many are pursuing his position.
In an interview with Sangu TV, he stated we must accept that when one stops receiving certain benefits, one will become hostile. The statement was prompted by discussions regarding his peers.
"Many people desire my current position at Fenaka", he said, regarding corruption allegations.
He divulged that the issues being investigated by Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) are not related to theft or activities that arouse suspicion of corruption.
"They bring up the same problem repeatedly. I am appealing to ACC to resolve these matters quickly, as they have nothing to do with corruption."
Saeed further stated that he will not be revoked of his position due to theft or corruption as he has not committed any such crime. However, ACC is currently investigating 22 issues within Fenaka, confirming that four of them are not linked to corruption.