Monday 27th Sep 2021
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President Nasheed

Nasheed to Pres Solih: What are You Trying to Hide?

Former President and incumbent Speaker of Parliament, Mohamed Nasheed has raised the question of what President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih is trying to hide by allowing the MNDF to refuse individual soldiers being summoned to the parliament’s inquiry into the May 6th terror attack against him.
The Parliament’s Ethics Committee decided last night to reject the case submitted by Speaker Nasheed against Deputy Minister at the Defense Ministry, for signing the letter sent to the Parliament on behalf of the MNDF, stating that the armed forces would be answerable to the parliament as an institution and that individual soldiers cannot be summoned.
In a message sent to the MDP National Council’s WhatsApp group using Chairperson Hassan Latheef as proxy, Speaker Nasheed stated that he couldn’t understand why President Solih is lobbying to block individual soldiers being summoned to the 241 Committee.
In the same message, Speaker Nasheed also addressed President Solih, asking “what are you attempting to hide?”. MDP seems to be divided on this issue.
The person lobbying on behalf of President Solih to reject the issue submitted By Nasheed to the Ethics Committee has been revealed to be Alifushi MP Mohamed Rasheed Hussain [Bigey]. He has faced furious criticism from Nasheed’s cousin and Deputy Speaker of Parliament Eva Abdulla over this.
In a message sent to the MDP National Council’s WhatsApp group tagging ‘Bigey’, Eva asked him to stop trying to fail the parliament’s inquiry, and that his government will remain in power even if he refrains from trying to stir the pot by calling other Committee members and attempting to sway them.