Tuesday 19th Oct 2021
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Propaganda is Being Spread about Nasheed’s Security: MDP

The ruling party, Maldives Democratic Party [MDP] has labelled a report published by a local news outlet regarding security provided to former President and incumbent Speaker of Parliament, Mohamed Nasheed, as “propaganda”.
The report published in “Mihaaru” news, quoted a senior officer within the Maldives National Defense Force as saying that MNDF had previously informed the Speaker that it is difficult to provide security at his home of G. Kenereege; that Speaker Nasheed has never given much importance to security issues; and that he makes it difficult for his bodyguards to do their duties properly.
MDP responded to the report by releasing a statement asserting that the “Mihaaru” report which quotes an unnamed source regarding Nasheed’s security, is an attempt to spread propaganda, and harass Nasheed while he is recovering from injuries sustained during the May 6 attack.
In its statement, MDP stated that they condemn this report in the harshest words and that it is extremely concerning to them.
MDP also stated that Speaker Nasheed had to undergo several life-saving significant surgeries after the attack and that he is still in recovery. They stated that at such a time when the masterminds and financiers behind the attack have not been identified, it is purely a propaganda move to blame Nasheed for lapses in his security by saying that the attack against him happened because of his personality and because he was living in his family home.
MDP – in their statement – reiterated their accusation that the report was an attempt at propaganda multiple times; stating that security forces knew that Nasheed has a critical level risk and as such, to assume that he is at fault after he was the target of a terrorist attack on Majeedhee Magu, is unconscionable and pure propaganda.
The statement also alleges that this is not the first lapse in the security provided to Nasheed, harkening back to 7th February 2012 when Nasheed was President of the Republic of Maldives and Commander-in-Chief of the MNDF – stating that he wasn’t provided adequate security even then. The statement also asserts that he was left bereft of the protection and security he was entitled to as a former President of the Republic even on the 8th of February, after his resignation.
The Party also stated that it is a matter of great concern that an alleged member of the security forces is providing sensitive information regarding security to news outlets under the guise of anonymity. The statement also called to investigate the source to ensure whether the source is a part of security forces or received privileged information via government channels due to their position.