Saturday 15th Jun 2024
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Speaker Concerned Due to Government's Disregard of Parliament's Advisory

Speaker of Majlis President Mohamed Nasheed has expressed concern regarding the issue of the government not acting upon Parliamentary advisory regarding government and miscellaneous issues.
Regarding the petition submitted to Parliament entailing issues with NDA, Speaker Nasheed stated that the Majlis committee had advised the government many times and that this is not the first time that the NDA issue had been picked up. The Speaker further noted that advisory is prepared upon experts in the field and yet the Speaker has not seen the government comply with any of this advice.
The Speaker noted that the Human Rights Committee had 33 submissions regarding this, following extensive research including member travel to constituencies, to the government and the government had currently not taken any action regarding any of these suggestions.
The plague of drugs is the biggest social issue to have faced this country and 1050 people signed a petition stating that NDA is not taking adequate steps or responsibility to tackle this issue. The 8 tenets of NDA are not being followed and that the ancient protocol and thinking of 24 years back is still existent in NDA. The petition further stated that NDA’s help would be required to break the cycle of addiction in Maldives within the youth.