Saturday 15th Jun 2024
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HEOC Refuses to Disclose the Amount of Vaccine Doses Remaining

Health Emergency Operations Center (HEOC) has not disclosed the number of COVID19 vaccine doses they have left in stock. A trusted source has revealed to Dhiyares News that the vaccine supply has lowered and that there may not be enough doses to cover the population’s second dose.
According to a text message sent out to the officers by the Police, Maldives currently has a limited number of vaccines and vaccination will be carried out in Social Center only according to HPA. The officers who vaccinated between 1st to 7th February will be receiving their second dose tonight.
During today’s press conference, journalists had repetitively posed the question regarding the vaccines and according to Dr. Shah Mahir it is more pressing that the necessary numbers of vaccines be available on time instead of a lump sum being available at once and refused to divulge the total number of vaccines available now.
Maldives currently has two separate contracts made with international supplies for the COVID19 vaccine. These are India’s Serum Institute which supplied 300,000 doses of COVISHIELD, Singapore’s AstraZeneca with 700,000 doses. Health Minister Naseem has stated that the 700,000 doses of AstraZeneca will be available by June.
The Health Minister further noted that there may be a difficulty in procuring more vaccines from the Serum Institute of India due to the situation of COVID19 raging on currently at India.