Saturday 15th Jun 2024
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Ex Minister Shahid

Minister Shahid Offers Condolences to Indonesians

Regarding the recent catastrophe that came across an Indonesian Military submarine in which all passengers were confirmed deceased, Foreign Minister Abdulla Shahid passed his condolences along to Indonesian Foreign Minister Retno Elufi Madrusi.
Last Wednesday a submarine named “Nangala” was found 800 meters underwater after going off radar with no notice. After the damage was assessed the Indonesian Coast Guard had declared all 53 passengers abroad, deceased.
In connection to this saddening incident, Foreign Minister Abdulla Shahid stated that he received this news with great sadness and that the citizens and the government of Maldives take part in offering condolences to all the families involved.
“Nangala” the submarine was lost while conducting missile training underwater. The submarine contained enough oxygen for 3 days and in comparison to the time that the submarine had been immersed underwater and the depth, the Indonesian Coast Guard declared all passengers deceased.