Thursday 28th Sep 2023
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President's Sister in Law Hired as a Consultant to the State Fisheries Company

President Ibrahim Mohammed Solih's sister in law Nazeeha Ahmed has been hired as a consultant to Maldives Industrial Fisheries Company (MIFCO).
Sources confirmed that Nazeeha is being paid USD 3000 per month as consultation fees and that she was hired for a period of 12 months. When asked for an official comment by Dhiyares, the sister newspaper of The Maldives Journal, an official from MIFCO stated that they do not reveal the remuneration of their employees to the public. It should be noted that MIFCO is a state-owned company.
Speaking to Dhiyares, Ismail Fauzy the managing director of MIFCO stated that they have recently hired various consultants to further develop the operations of the company. He said that they hired an operational consultant, a marketing consultant, and a consultant from India. Fauzy stated that they had every right to take measures for the company's development.
Nazeeha Ahmed is the younger sister of first lady Fazna Ahmed. Her husband is the commissioner of Police. Since assuming office President Solih has appointed various members of his family to key government positions.
President Solih's uncle was recently appointed as a consultant to the newly formed Regional Airports Company, while the company is headed by Rizvee Ahmed, who is a step-nephew of the president.