Saturday 20th Jul 2024
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Government Does Not Influence Independent Authorities: Rozaina

Member for Addu-Meedhoo Constituency Rozaina Adam has stated that the current government does not influence any independent or investigative authorities. The government has faced backlash and criticism regarding the Prosecutor General’s decision to uphold his initial saying in the matter which was to not take the case to trial.
Rozaina tweeted implicating this issue stating that if there is suspicion that the government is influencing any independent authority than it is important to present such claims with solid proof. Rozaina is the sitting chairperson of the Independent Authority Committee.
Despite Rozaina making such a claim, Speaker of Parliament Mohamed Nasheedh has speculated on his own that the government is making attempts to sweep the ventilator case under the rug. He speculated that this is the government robbing the country and made some grave claims.
Rozaina further stated that the government had always complied with and supported independent authorities and investigations. President Nasheedh had also expressed some criticism and concern regarding Economic Minister Fayyaz Ismail having leased land to a company owned by Member Rozaina.
While Rozaina had said this, President’s Office has released a press statement clarifying that they have not influenced any independent authorities or their investigations and that the President himself has requested that this case be prioritized and attended to speedily.
It is to be noted that mass media has been reporting complaints and concerns regarding the ventilators since June 2020 and the government had not responded to any such claim.