Saturday 20th Jul 2024
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Insufficient Efforts to Implement Housing Schemes: Committee

The report published by the Development and Heritage Committee of People’s Majlis states that the efforts to implement the housing scheme published in the “Strategic Action Plan 2019-2023” written by the government are insufficient.
The report noted that there are 3 main initiatives in the SAP under housing and while there are deadlines to when these initiatives should be implemented that none of the scheduled initiatives have begun timely.
The report further stated that the committee had requested the latest updates regarding the implementation of these initiatives from the National Planning Ministry and that the ministry has not obliged with the committees' requests so far. The report also states that the committee is unsure how far the initiatives have been completed as well.
The report expanded upon the differences in the initiatives planned for Male’ and other regions cross country. The report also highlighted that none of the necessary surveys regarding housing needs have been completed as well.
The report concluded by stating that there will be a delay in implementing the schemes even if the ministry completes all necessary research and surveys as there have been sufficient delays already in the rest of the work required.