Sunday 9th May 2021
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MP Ahmed Shiyaam

President Yameen Built 15,000 Flats in his first term: Shiyam

President Yameen had built 15,000 housing units in the first five years of his presidency, said MP Ahmed Shiyam (Naifaru).
MP Shiyam said this during a debate regarding the report released by the Parliamentary Committee on State Owned Enterprises on the Yameen administration’s social housing policies. MP Shiyam had stated that the current administration “has not lifted a rock” to address Malé City’s housing crisis.
MP Shiyam criticised Mohamed Aslam, Minister of Planning. Referring to the report,the said that the “single-room apartments” that the Minister had “failed to see” had been seen by the Parliamentary Committee. In addition, he said that the government has done nothing to claim 72 single-room housing units for social housing. He added that the units had been built for citizens who were “homeless and in need”.
He said that the structural work for housing units built by 9 state-owned enterprises in Hulhumalé Phase 2 have been completed. There would be fewer cranes there now, he said. He implored parliamentarians representing Malé City to go visit the Hulhumalé Phase 2 area and see for themselves.
MP Shiyam pointed out that the Yameen administration had provided housing solutions for people who had not been able to secure housing from the Gakoshi flats or from the Gulheefalhu flats.