Friday 23rd Apr 2021
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President Nasheed

Speaker Nasheed Admits Govt is Slow Regarding Hiyaa Flat Issue

Majlis Speaker Mohamed Nasheed said that this government has delayed the issue of assigning Hiyaa flats to their rightful owners.
He said this addressing the crowds of civilians who were barred from attending the meeting of the Majlis Commitee on National Development and Heritage regarding the Hiyaa flats. Nasheed listened to many of the complaints of the civilians.
He said that he knew the concerns regarding the Hiyaa Flats, and claimed to have listened to the complaints of people who had been disqualified by the revisions of the Flat Committee. When asked about the validity of the assignments given by the previous administration, he said that the Majlis would make a decision about it.
Nasheed said that his personal opinion was that any document that had the State’s emblem should be respected.
Some of the people who had been disqualified by the Flat Committee asked Speaker Nasheed to come and see the squalor of their dwellings. He said that he would schedule the visits across Saturday and Sunday.
Speaker Nasheed said that the only people who had the right to accommodation in Malé were those who lived in Malé, and were registered in Malé.
Speaker Nasheed said that the criteria used to assign flats would be studied. The Majlis would also review how the state of the applicant’s current domicile was evaluated. Nasheed surmised that the people who had been assigned the flats may live in worse conditions than those who were disqualified.