Friday 23rd Apr 2021
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MP Ahmed Shiyaam

Housing for the Disabled Taken Away by this Govt: MP Shiyam

Housing arrangements for disabled people and their families were made by the Yameen administration, said MP Ahmed Shiyam (Naifaru). And this administration took their homes away from them, he said.
He said this during the debate over the motion that called for solving the problems faced by the disabled. The motion had been submitted by MP Adam Shareef Umar.
Disabled people had been singled out as a special category for public housing for the first time by the previous administration, said MP Shiyam. This government cancelled the housing arrangements made for those people by the Yameen administration through no fault of that administration, said MP Shiyam.
This administration had decided to give out all of the Hiyaa flats that had been set for the disabled to citizens of Malé, said MP Shiyam.
MP Shiyam said that the marginalization of the disabled in the country had been recognized by the Yameen administration. The 2015 Redhan Exhibition showed off the skills and talents of disabled people, he said. He also said that 290 disabled people became employed during that administration.