Wednesday 28th Jul 2021
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President Nasheed

Speaker Nasheed Shames Health Minister Naseem on Live Broadcast

Majlis Speaker Mohamed Nasheed has stirred controversy for how he had addressed Mohamed “Kerafa” Naseem, Minister of Health during an MDP campaign event.
In the event, which was broadcast online, Health Minister Naseem was contacted via Zoom to address some questions that were posed by people. Speaker Nasheed had claimed that he could not hear Minister Naseem through the Zoom connection, but people who were tuned into the broadcast could hear him perfectly.
Nasheed claimed that Naseem must have accidentally turned on the mute button. Naseem responded that he had not. Nasheed abruptly abandoned the call, and said that someone should call Naseem and “and teach him how this works”.
“Even though he pretends to be humble. In reality, isn’t President [Nasheed] a short-tempered person? 😂”
Some time later, Naseem called back. He asked twice if he could be heard clearly. Nasheed responded: “Naseem, you should just carry on. Don’t keep asking!” He was visibly irritated, and he did not use the customary formal register with the Minister. The Minister’s audio was then, once again, abruptly cut.

As a result of Nasheed’s behaviour, several of Naseem’s family-members, and several MDP members have criticised Nasheed.
Naseem's relative, Umay Mohamed, commented that Nasheed's behaviour was "rude". Her tweet had been received by a lot of support by others.
Another relative of Naseem's, who goes by the handle @aisthu, called out Speaker Nasheed by asking if he had any respect for anyone other than himself. She pointed out that Naseem had been by Nasheed's side for many years, and that Nasheed's treatment of his long-time ally on a public broadcast was inappropriate.
Nasheed has been losing his temper in public lately. He has also raised his voice in anger in response to things spoken while Majlis is in session.