Friday 23rd Apr 2021
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Indian Fishing Vessel Caught Illegally Fishing in Maldivian Waters

A fishing vessel caught fishing with a cast net in Maldivian waters yesterday was an Indian vessel, according to sources.
The vessel, which belonged to Tamil Nadu, was caught net-fishing in the Noonu atoll area. The vessel has been caught by the Maldives National Defence Force Northern Area Coast Guard Squadron, and the vessel and its 8 crewmen have since been taken to Kulhudhuffushi City. The Police are currently investigating the case, according to the MNDF.
The vessel’s illegal activities had been reported to the MNDF by a local fishing vessel, the Asari.
While the Indian military maintain two helicopters, one military aircraft, and several surveillance radar stations in the Maldives, it is worth noting that illegal fishing committed by Indian vessels are almost always caught by Maldivian fishing vessels.