Sunday 21st Jul 2024
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MP Ahmed Usham

Indian Military in the Maldives are Misleadingly Being Described as Technicians: MP Usham

MP Ahmed Usham (Vilimale) has said that it is a well-known fact that several Indian military personnel, labelled as "technicians", are present in different parts of the Maldives.
MP Usham said this during the debate that ensued regarding the emergency motion which called for the disclosure Uthuru Thila Falhu agreement. The motion had been filed by MP Ahmed Shiyam (Naifaru). MP Usham said that word "technician" was being used to describe Indian military personnel attached to the Indian military aircraft stationed in the Maldives is a "fact well-known by the Maldivian people".
He said that the presence of Indian military personnel under misleading labels was also a cause for concern and not a matter that the people would accept. MP Usham said that it needed to be seen that things were as how the motion had claimed; that is, that Indian military personnel were being permanently stationed in the Maldives under the labels of "technician" and "official".