Tuesday 25th Jun 2024
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President Nasheed

FAM's Lack of Support for Maayan in AFC Elections Goes to Majlis

Majlis Speaker Mohamed Nasheed has decided to file the case of Maryam "Maayan" Mohamed with the Social Committee of the Majlis. Maayan had claimed that she received no co-operation from the Football Association of Maldives with regards to her standing for the Executive Committee of the Asian Football Confederation.
In his opening remarks during today's Majlis session, Speaker Nasheed had said that Maayan had come to speak to him personally the previous day. Maayan had said that she had submitted a case for arbitration as she was unhappy with how things went with the election. The arbitration did not conclude with holding the election anew but had instead pointed out several shortcomings.
Maayan's biggest complaint, according to Speaker Nasheed, was that the FAM had not supported her even though she was representing them. He said that the officials of the FAM had also attempted to hinder her election.
He said that he would file the case with the Social Committee of the Majlis and wished for them to investigate the matter.