Thursday 30th Nov 2023
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Mabrook Azeez

Govts Can Achieve More with Two Terms: Mabrouq

Governments would be able to achieve more if they had two terms, said Mabrouq Aziz, the Presidential Spokesperson.
During an interview he gave to the ruling party-funded RaajjeTV’s “Fashaa Iru” programme, Mabrouq had said that in a presidential system, a government would be able to achieve more if it had two terms. After the democratic reformations had come to the country, he said, no leader has had more than five years to rule.
Mabrouq cited Barack Obama, the former United States president, as an example. Although Obama had been very concerned about getting re-elected in his first term, Mabrouq claimed that Obama had delivered more in his second term than any other American president in recent history.
Mabrouq said that he very much wished to see a president be elected to a second term. If President Solih wished to run for re-election, Mabrouq said that he would work as part of his campaign team.
President Solih would make a decision regarding running for re-election in the coming year, said Mabrouq.
The MDP would select a candidate for the presidency, and he would work on their campaign, he said.