Friday 26th Feb 2021
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Home Minister Imran Abdullah

Speaking the Truth Not Possible at all Times or in all Places: Imran

Minister of Home Affairs, Imran Abdullah, wrote that a beloved teacher of his had told him that it would not always be possible to speak the truth all the time.

In a tweet posted yesterday, he wrote that he was just reminded of a beloved teacher of his who had said that "We may not be able to speak the truth at every place and every moment. However, we will not speak except the truth in any place or at any time".

Although Imran had tweeted as such, this government's first Minister of Tourism, Ali Waheed, who faces several charges of sex crime has fled the country.

While the the Department of Immigration, which operates under the Home Ministry, has come under intense public criticism and scrutiny, the Minister has not commented about Waheed's flight.

In addition, although Imran had claimed that his teacher had taught him not to speak but the truth at any time and in any place, the speech he gave at the May Day Protests during which he had accused the then-sitting President Yameen Abdul Gayyoom of being linked to the murders of Dr Afrasheem Ali and journalist Rilwan Abdullah.