Friday 26th Feb 2021
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MP Ahmed Usham

Disgraced Tourism Minister was Allowed to Leave Country: MP Usham

Ali Waheed had not “departed” but was rather “allowed to depart”, said MP Ahmed Usham (Vilimalé). He said that in light of the heavy charges; such as that of rape; that the disgraced former Minister of Tourism was facing, it could not be said that he had left on his own without help.

During the hearing at the Criminal Court yesterday, Ali Waheed had brought a physician testify that Waheed required medical care from abroad. The Court said that it had accepted the physician’s testimony. The Court told the media that the State had no objection to Ali Waheed’s departure from the country to “seek medical aid”.

Ali Waheed faces a 21 year prison sentence if he is found guilty of all of six charges laid against him. He faces a charge of rape in addition to charges of sexually harassing Tourism Ministry employees.

In a tweet, MP Usham said that the newspaper headlines which read that Ali Waheed had “departed” should be corrected and replaced with “allowed to depart”.

MP Usham said that the loud and influential person will always get the best deal under any government. He further said that the laws were not enforced fairly.