Tuesday 26th Oct 2021
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Covid Vaccine

China Committed to Donate 100,000 Doses of Vaccine to the Maldives: Ambassador Zhang

China has planned to grant 100,000 doses of the vaccine as aid to the Maldives, said Zhang Lizhong, Chinese ambassador to the Maldives.
Ambassador Zhang said in a tweet today that he had met with the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Abdullah Shahid, and shared the news of the 100,000 vaccine doses with him. He said that arrangements are being made to make sure that the vaccines are transported to the Maldives soon.
Although Ambassador Zhang did not specify which vaccine China has committed to send, he had attached an image of the Sinopharm COVID-19 vaccine and vials in his tweet.
5,000 doses of China's Sinopharm vaccine have been given to the Maldivian government from well-intentioned donors. The government has not yet decided how to best utilize the vaccines.

Ambassadr Zhang wrote that "China is committed to making vaccines a global public good".