Tuesday 26th Oct 2021
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HDC to Develop the Tallest Tower in Maldives

The tallest tower in the Maldives is planned to be built in Hulhumale Phase 2, the HDC has said.
The HDC said this in an article they had contributed to the second edition of this year's Maldives Tourism Bulletin, released by the Ministry of Tourism. In the article, the HDC stated that the Tourism Island being developed in Phase 2 will feature a 150 metre (492.1 foot) tower.
Visitors would be treated to a view of Hulhumale and the Maldives' natural beauty. Dharumavantha Hospital is currently the tallest tower in the Maldives, standing at 294 feet. The proposed tower in Hulhumale would be roughly twice the height.
HDC has invited interested parties to invest in the Tourism Island.