Saturday 24th Feb 2024
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Would Maldivian Defence Be Outsourced To India? : Colonel Rtd. Fayyaz

Colonel (Ret.) Ahmed Fayaz Ali Riza (Papa) has questioned the Minister of Defence, Mariya Didi, regarding her statement that the Maldivian State does not possess the economic wherewithal to handle and maintain helicopters.
In a Facebook post that he published publicly, Papa said that he had received a message from an acquaintance that had caused him deep sorrow. He shared some of the questions that, he said, came to his mind at the time.
He wrote that some people who may have devoured the FPID money may now say that the State does not possess the wealth to run the FPID. He added that the people who devoured the price paid by GMR for the country's airport may then say that the State does not possess the wealth to maintain such an airport".
He also mentioned that people who embezzled the national airline, Air Maldives, would then claim that the government does not possess the wealth to run such an airline.
He ended his Facebook post with the statement that people who may claim that the State no longer had the funds to run the MNDF may then come to a defence agreement with India and outsource Maldivian defence to the Indian military.