Saturday 15th Jun 2024
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Ex Minister Shahid

Protestors Calls for FM Shahid's Resignation

A protest has been held outside the residence of Foreign Minister Abdullah Shahid today.
Protestors called for the minister's resignation and claimed that he is a foreign agent acting on behalf of India. The protestors also called the government to stop allowing India to interfere in the domestic affairs of the Maldives. Some protesters held banners that read “India Out”.
The protest was forcefully dispersed by the Maldives Police Service soon after it started. This is the fourth protest in recent days, calling for the removal of Indian military personnel from the Maldives. Over the weekend protests were held in front of the residence of Sanjay Sudhir, the Indian High Commissioner in the Maldives. Meanwhile, another protest was held yesterday in front of the Foreign Ministry.
Since President Ibrahim Mohammed Solih assumed office, India has increased their military presence in the Maldives. At the moment they operate two naval helicopters and one navy aircraft in the Maldives. The exact number of Indian boots on the ground in the Maldives is not clear.
While many Indian military personnel are currently present in the Maldives, the Ministry of Defence has refused to disclose their number. The case is currently at the High Court.