Friday 1st Dec 2023
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Political Appointees Must Not Criticize the Govt: New Rules

The government has announced a rule that prohibits political employees from expressing views critical of the government.
The rules for political employees were revised and published by President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih’s administration. The newly revised rules require such employees to accept and respect the government administration’s decisions. The rules also require employees refrain from expressing their views; if critical of the government; in public, on social media, or even in private conversation.
The rules also declare the employees as being fully answerable to the President, the Vice President, and their own superiors. In addition, they are required to prioritise the well-being of the citizens, and to refrain from holding opinions that go against government policy, and to also refrain from matters that may pose a conflict of interest with regards to their professional responsibilities.
In addition, the rules require employees to not do anything that would dishonour or defame another person, and to never aid in or commit an act of corruption by means of undue influence or by disclosing privileged information.
The rules also require political employees to refrain from using government property for personal gain or in ways that are not required by their duties. They must also refrain from inducing a Civil Servant from either breaking the law or the civil service law.
The rules also state that political employees may not have another employment during official government work-hours, and that their salaries would be deducted if they are absent from work.